Role: Project Architect and Contract Administrator

No.1 Longhouses farmstead, whilst not listed, has its origins in a 17th century longhouse. It’s layout and fabric have been much altered over the subsequent centuries and its present configuration and sub-division has been greatly affected by a refurbishment in 1983.

The principals guiding our proposals for No.1 Long Houses are sensitive repair to retain as much of the historic fabric as is practically possible, to return the performance of the materials to a homogeneous balance by removing inappropriate modern materials and replacing with traditional and permeable materials.

Where we created new spaces within the existing structure, such as completing the barn conversion and the ancillary domestic accommodation within the outbuilding, the design has been formed around the ideas of, minimal enclosure of open space to retain agricultural nature of buildings and setting. Minimal intervention at junctions between new and old, using traditional and permeable materials that will not affect the performance of the existing solid masonry walls. Minimal new openings (barn; 3 windows, 2 roof-lights, outbuilding; 1 roof-light) to allow natural light to internal spaces.

Retaining agricultural nature of buildings through size, proportion and materials. Where we demolished modern extensions and created new structures to the rear of the property to form a conservatory and a bay window our concepts were, to remove unsightly additions to return the building to a simpler form, to keep new build within the footprint of the earlier extensions but reduce the volume and reduce impact with a light touch of new to old.